In 1940, Bishop Karl F. Smith and LaBaugh H. Stansbury , established a Pentecostal Bible Training Center. It was given the name “Aenon” meaning “springs”, alluding to the waters of educational and spiritual refreshing that would spring from its midst. The heritage and conception of AST is rooted and grounded in the legacy of Aenon Bible College, West Coast, a branch of Aenon Bible College, Inc. Dr. Howard Swancy founder of AST formerly served as President of the west coast branch and is a graduate of Aenon Bible College, Inc. headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Through the foresight of the late Bishop Frank R. Bowdan Aenon Los Angeles was officially established as a “quasi’ extension under the Board Chairmanship of Bishop Francis Smith In 1972. In 1973 Dr. Norma Sylvester Jackson became Dean of the West Coast branch where she served for 32 yrs in various capacities. Aenon West Coast became a formidable, highly recognized college under her direction and was known for dynamic, bible teachers.

Upon her death in 2005, the college underwent a transition. After several months of Negotiations with the Aenon Indianapolis office, Dr. Swancy decided to establish and implement a school so that bible students could continue their education. Being a proponent of education and in honor of his rich heritage, he vowed that there would always be an “Aenon” on the West Coast, In September, 2007 he pursued the vision, consummating the vow and the Aenon School of Theology and Bible College opened its doors.

Aenon School of Theology & Bible College (AST) is accredited by A.C.I. (Accrediting Commission International) and is the official academic, degree-granting Institution of Peace Apostolic Church, Inc. Degrees are transferable to some degree-granting institution, colleges, and universities.


AST welcomes individuals regardless of religion, race, color, gender, nationality, or ethnic origin with regard to (but not limited to) collegiate admissions, financial assistance or to the rights, privileges, programs or activities available.



AST is an educational institution offering Graduate and Undergraduate studies. Students may earn Associate, Bachelor, Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Religious Studies, Christian Education, Christian Ministry, and Theology. Our mandate is to “prepare a people for a higher purpose” that of kingdom building.


AST is an academic institution dedicated to equipping men and women for a higher purpose-Christian living and faith-based vocations. The knowledge acquired will instill morals, ethics, Christian values and credibility. The ultimate goal of this curriculum is to challenge the student to become a formidable witness of truth and an effective kingdom builder. AST believes that the student must aspire to the servant-life through dedication and preparation, thereby becoming an asset to the church, community and the world. These attributes can only be cultivated through study of the scriptures: “study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needed not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” 2 Timothy 2:15.


Our vision is to afford the opportunity to a global and diverse people to study the word of God becoming theologically indoctrinated. We are committed to preparing students spiritually and academically for a broad spectrum of Christian ministry. Our ultimate goal is kingdom building through academic excellence.